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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ok, so i know this is getting a bit hilarious. It has been 9 days since my last post :) I told you it was hard for me to find time to sit down and write out my thoughts! I continue to be encouraged by your kind emails and comments on the blog! Thank you! Thank you! Hearing how the Lord is speaking to you through these words is so enjoyable!

A quick update on the family... For some reason, the fever virus the kids had decided to make a second round! We also shared it with our cousins in Greenville (sorry guys:). Cooper accidentally scratched Judah's cornea which had to be treated and Linen has a double ear infection. It really is comical at this point! I am very thankful for my sweet family and great friends who have helped me stay sane while Aaron is away! He has had a wonderful time on his journey through Italy and England but will return soon! We are all looking forward to that!

So this post is not about Nehemiah but i wanted to share a special prayer with you. A few months ago, several members of the worship/production team at Grace came over to our house. We wanted to have a night to reconnect and share the things the Lord had put on our hearts. A few minutes before everyone came over, i was praying about the night and asked the Lord what He wanted me to pray for this group. Immediately i felt like the Lord was telling me to pick up a pen and start writing ( when i say i felt like the Lord told me this, i mean i had this thought and i haven't had this thought before when asking the Lord how to pray, so i assumed it was a thought from the Holy Spirit). I waited for a minute and then again it just seemed clear that i should step out in faith and pick up a pen and see what happened. So, immediately thoughts started coming to my mind as i wrote. It was such a fun experience. By the time i was close to the last sentence the doorbell rang and the first guest arrived. As we were worshipping that night i felt lead to read this prayer over the group. This made me very nervous since i hadn't even had time to read over it or share it with Aaron. However, you know when you really feel prompted to do something, its like if you don't you will just be sick at your stomach :0 So, i took a leap of faith and read it out loud over the group. It seemed to be the perfect prayer for this time. Since then, i have read it many times and shared it with a number of people. I hope that you are able to read these words as if the Father is reading them to you! Enjoy! I will try and post Nehemiah 2 in the next few day!

I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except by me. Do you know me? Then come and dine with me. I delight in you, I know all of your ways! I am overwhelmed by you, my child, my beloved! You are my joy! My joy is your strength. Do you believe this? Then be more joyful! Practice laughing louder and harder. You are complete in me. You have everything you need when you rest in me. Dine with me, spend time with me. Turn off your TV, turn down your radio. I promise I am the best date you could ever imagine, my beloved, my child. You are My joy! My joy! My joy! I delight in you and your delight should be in me and My word. I have so many secrets to share with you and you alone. You have a purpose, a destiny that belongs to no other. I have a purpose and a plan just for you and the time is now. Awake, awake my daughter, my son. Do not sleep these last days away. Go for it, you can do the things which i've put in your heart. Yes, they are from me - your dreams, your goals- the time is now! Don't wait, don't waste another minute. Reach out, love well, serve more, forgive quicker. I have given you everything you need, the Kingdom is at hand. Don't question or doubt just remain faithful. Turn your face to me, look at me- focus- the time is now! Your part is important, you have kingdom purpose and kingdom impact. People are waiting on you- go for it! Do it! Don't hold back. I can handle it, I will catch you, I will go before you, I support you, it doesn't matter how silly you may look or what your parents or your boss say- come on! I am your biggest fan- trust me! I created you, I formed all of your parts! I know you better than any other. I love you, my child. I love YOU, yes you. I know your imperfections but you were created in my image. I have gone before you. i have prepared the way, now its your turn to step out and trust me. Come dine with me my daughter, my son, my love. I'm waiting!


  1. Thank you my love for proclaiming the good news of the kingdom! You have such a sweet spirit and a genuine love for the Body of Christ, such a joy to call you sister.

    What a blessed assurance we have in Christ Jesus! Praises unto the Most High God, He has set us apart unto Himself, we are not of this world. Thank You for making us kings and priests and setting up Your kingdom in our heart. We reign with One Christ Jesus, crowing Him as Lord and King over our lives.

    May the life of Jesus Christ, the power of the Highest, be so built up in us, His body, that the kingdom of heaven would be manifested in us and through us, His royal priesthood, and Christ’s epistles to the world!! So be it!

    Eternally thankful for His grace and long-suffering toward us as we learn to appropriate all He has already given us through the obedience of Christ Jesus to the cross. What a Mighty God we serve!!

    Because He Lives, Love, Pam

  2. Keep it up Megan, your posts have blessed me greatly and many others also. Thank you for your faithfulness. Love Linda